How Much Wedding Photographers, Videographers, and Graphic Designers Cost in 2022

The cost of a wedding photographer will vary depending on your location, time of year, how many hours of coverage you need, and how experienced the photographer is. The same is true for wedding videographers and graphic designers. Pricing for wedding photography and videography packages can range widely, from as low as $1,000 to as high as $10,000 or more.

As a general rule of thumb, you can expect to pay more for an photographer if you’re getting married in a large, metropolitan city or a remote, isolated location. Similarly, you should expect to pay a premium depending on when you’re getting married. If your event is taking place during peak wedding season or on an especially popular day—like New Year’s Eve or certain weekends in June and July—you may be subject to a pricing surcharge.

Wondering just how high that pricing surcharge might be? Keep reading to learn even more about how much wedding photographers, wedding videographers, and graphic designers cost in 2022.

Here’s How Much Professional Wedding Photography Actually Costs

Capturing your wedding is priceless, which is why couples will often spend thousands to hire wedding photographers, videographers, and graphic designers for their special days. 

A wedding photographer is expected to capture every special moment of the big day, from the first time a couple sets eyes on each other to the cutting of the wedding cake. Long after the last guest has left the reception and the final glasses of champagne are finished, couples will still be looking at their wedding photos. Wedding photography is something people reflect back on for decades, passing down precious wedding albums to their children and grandchildren over the years. The importance of getting high-quality wedding photos is one of the reasons why couples rarely choose to scrimp on this wedding cost.

According to Wedding Wire, the average price for a wedding photographer in the United States is $2,000. Prices can range widely, though — often topping $3,000 or more for events in large urban areas.

Marketplaces like Funnel are an essential tool for couples looking to source photographers, videographers, and graphic designers.

When comparing the price of wedding photographers, it’s important to consider that an estimate is just an estimate and an average is just an average. Prices will change depending on your location, the number of hours you’ll need the pro, and whether you’re interested in hiring a second shooter to capture those classic “behind the scenes” shots. 

The type of wedding photographer you select will have an impact on budget, as well. Wedding photographers who work with Funnel are usually self-employed, and they are able to offer more competitive rates and flexibility than what large photography studios are typically charging in 2022. 

While hiring a professional wedding photographer is never cheap, it’s an expense that’s worthwhile if you want to capture the most important moments of your special day.

Considering a Wedding Videographer? Here’s What It Will Cost

Nothing paints a more complete picture of a wedding day than a professional video. Wedding cinematography is growing in demand, as more couples seek to memorialize their special day with footage of themselves and their guests.

According to a survey conducted by The Knot, the average cost of a wedding videographer is now $1,900. That’s slightly less than the average cost of a wedding photographer. Nearly half (40%) of all couples are now hiring wedding videographers for their events, according to The Knot.

Pricing for wedding cinematography depends on the location, the videographer’s level of experience, and the number of hours needed for the project. Not only are you paying for the videographer to spend a certain number of hours at your wedding ceremony and reception, but you are also paying for the videographer’s extensive editing services. Post-production work on wedding cinematography can be incredibly time consuming. 

Of course, not all wedding videographers offer the same level of service. With so many different video shooting and editing styles, it’s important that the videographer you select matches the cinematic style you prefer. Take the time to watch some of the videographer’s previous work to make sure it aligns with what you’re looking for.

Professional wedding videographers, like those with listings on Funnel’s marketplace for creative professionals, have experience working with couples and capturing special moments between a bride or groom and their guests. Some videographers even specialize exclusively in weddings and other private events. 

It’s worth confirming beforehand if the videographer you’ve selected will be producing an edited movie or simply providing you with raw footage from your event. Some videographers will offer multiple clips—like a movie trailer that showcases your wedding or a full-length video of the event. You should also ask whether your videographer will be providing you with the raw footage of your wedding for personal use.

Finding a vendor who offers both wedding photography and videography services is one way to lower costs. It’s worth asking if the professional you’ve selected offers any combined wedding photography and videography packages. 

What’s Included in a Wedding Photographer’s Price?

When looking at the price of wedding photographers and videographers, it’s important to compare apples to apples. Not all creative professionals offer the same services. Prices can vary based on a number of factors, like how many hours the photographer will work on-site and what specific services they are offering.

Let’s take a closer look at the biggest factors that impact how much a photographer or videographer will charge:

  • Time: Most wedding photographers will spend at least 6 hours at an event. If you want a photographer to stay longer—or if you are looking for someone to capture your rehearsal dinner or after-party—you may need to pay an additional fee.
  • Travel: How far will the photographer need to travel to attend your event? Unless your photographer is local, you should expect to pay a per-mile charge. For destination weddings, you might even need to pay for the professional’s airfare and hotel accommodations.
  • Staff: At weddings with large bridal parties, having a second shooter is almost always required. Most photographers will charge an additional fee for this service.
  • Editing: The time spent at your event is only a fraction of the time a photographer or videographer will spend working on your project. The majority of their time will be spent editing your footage. How much this will cost you depends on the artistic style you’ve requested and the level of editing you require. Thankfully, most wedding photographers will include basic photo retouching as part of a standard wedding package.
  • Images: This cost is an unexpected one for many couples. Although your photographer’s cost should include access to a certain number of images, you may want a larger number of unedited digital files or printed copies of your favorite images. Expect to pay extra for these benefits.
  • Wedding albums: The cost of a wedding album has increased drastically in the past decade. Expect to pay anywhere from $300 to $2,000 for a premium quality wedding album. 

Engagement photos and rehearsal dinner photos are usually not included in a photographer’s fees. If you would like to do an engagement shoot before wedding planning begins, expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $1,000 for a single session. For this price, you can expect to get a photo shoot at the location of your choosing and an online gallery with images to preview. Whether the photographer will include retouching or charge an additional fee for the service is something that should be negotiated beforehand.

Finer Details: What to Look For When Hiring a Wedding Photographer or Videographer

Experience counts when it comes to hiring a professional wedding team. If you’re looking for a videographer with a specific shooting style, it’s worth specifically searching for pros who have the experience to fit your vision.

When interviewing a wedding photographer or videographer, it’s important to ask for a highlight reel or images of previous work. A photographer’s professional portfolio is your best opportunity to get a sense of what you can expect at your own event. Does the photographer prefer more traditional posed shots, or candid behind-the-scenes images? How do they edit their footage? Is the videographer willing to interview guests for a documentary-style video, or do they prefer to create shorter, more edited films? 

The creative professionals who use Funnel’s marketplace have extensive online portfolios with accurate representations of the work they’ve done for previous clients. These portfolios are an excellent resource for anyone looking to hire a wedding photographer, videographer, or graphic designer. If you like what you see in a portfolio, you can contact the professional directly through the Funnel platform to ask more specific questions, like whether they’re available on your date and how much they charge.

When Is a Second Shooter Necessary?

The debate over whether one or two photographers is best for an average-size wedding is ongoing. What the “right” answer is will likely depend on the type of finished product you’re looking for and the size of your event.

As a general rule of thumb, couples with a half-dozen or more members of their bridal parties will need at least one second shooter, in addition to the primary wedding photographer and videographer. A second shooter assists the primary wedding photographer with capturing images from all of the wedding festivities. 

According to Wedding Wire, 34% of wedding photographers include a second shooter in their package rate. For others, the cost of hiring a second shooter is a separate charge.

Depending on how the contract with your primary wedding photographer or videographer is set up, you may be able to hire a second shooter on your own. Hiring a freelance wedding photographer to fill this role will usually save you money, compared to what a professional photography studio would charge to bring in an assistant for the project. At the very least, it’s worth inquiring about the additional cost with your wedding photographer and then checking out an online marketplace like Funnel to get an idea of what freelance photographers are charging for second shooter assignments.

Travel Costs for Wedding Photographers and Videographers

Couples hosting destination weddings or events in remote locations should expect to pay a travel surcharge, in addition to the standard price for each wedding vendor. It is rare that a wedding photographer or videographer agrees to travel outside of their city limits without charging an add-on fee.

If your photographer will be traveling more than 50 miles, you should expect to pay a per-mile surcharge. The cost for this surcharge could ranges from .50 cents per mile to $2 per mile, or higher. For destination events where air travel is required, couples should expect to pay for the cost of flying the photographer and their assistants to the event. Accommodations and additional travel fees may be required, as well. 

In addition to travel and accommodations, expect to pay a per-diem fee for food and other travel-related expenses. If your photographer or videographer will be attending any wedding events, you should expect to provide them with hot meals and beverages. Most wedding caterers are accustomed to providing meals for vendors, just be sure to confirm this with your caterer since it might impact your final head count.

Because prices vary so greatly between wedding photographers, it’s worth asking for clarification on any add-on travel fees or surcharges during the initial interview phase. Add-on charges for out-of-area travel can usually be negotiated before a contract is signed.

How Much Should Freelance Wedding Photographers Charge? 

Freelance photographers and videographers will usually offer slightly discounted rates, compared to what couples would pay at an established wedding photography studio. That’s because running a freelance business requires far fewer expenses. For example, most creative professionals on the Funnel marketplace work from home, so they don’t need to pay for a lease on a professional studio space. They also have access to Funnel’s free digital marketing tools, so they can reach clients online without paying for advertising or marketing. The most successful freelance wedding photographers pass those savings on to their clients. 

Freelance wedding professionals are able to charge clients less than what they would otherwise pay, without taking a hit on the amount they are bringing home from each project. Using the latest technology and communication tools, freelance professionals can collaborate with clients digitally and provide greater flexibility. They often provide a better quality of service than what clients receive at professional wedding photography studios.

In 2022, more couples are choosing to work with freelance wedding professionals than ever before. This is a trend that’s being seen industry-wide, not just among photographers, videographers, and graphic designers.

How Can Freelance Graphic Designers Help Wedding Couples?

With the average cost of wedding invitations and stationery averaging $530 per event, it’s no wonder couples are looking outside the box for more cost-effective stationery solutions. 

Here is what you can expect to spend on stationery for an average-size wedding with 50 guests:

  • Save the Date Cards: $150
  • Invitations and RSVP cards: $250
  • Day-of stationery, like menus, programs, and place cards: $130

We all know that prices can get much higher for couples that want high-end wedding invitations or a more unique design concept. 

According to data from The Knot, couples in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States pay the most for wedding stationery (averaging $648), while couples in the West are paying the least, at a $462 average.

Hiring a wedding graphic designer is a smart strategy for couples that want unique wedding invitations that nobody else will have. Wedding graphic designers on the Funnel marketplace are usually able to offer their services for less than what large stationery companies charge for custom work. 

Wedding graphic designers on Funnel’s marketplace have experience working with clients looking for all kinds of stationery, and they can direct you to high-quality printing companies that work extensively with online clients.

To find your next wedding freelancer head to Funnel’s directory of creators and find you next photographer, videographer, or graphic designer!

Building a Professional Portfolio

Having a professional portfolio is one of the best ways for wedding photographers, videographers, and graphic designers to stand out. A portfolio helps to assure potential clients that you’re capable of capturing their weddings and making their special days look beautiful.

Online portfolios are just as important for wedding graphic designers as they are wedding photographers and wedding videographers. The best online portfolios include:

  1. Copies of your best work
  2. Professional background information
  3. Testimonials from previous clients
  4. Pricing information
  5. Contact details

Funnel’s marketplace for creative professionals includes all the tools you need to build an online portfolio. With Funnel, you can show off your best work and highlight the previous clients you’ve worked with. Funnel even offers a place for clients to post their reviews of your work, helping to promote your authority and credibility as an experienced creative professional who specializes in working with couples getting married.

To learn more about the professional marketing tools Funnel offers or get started listing your freelance photography, videography, and graphic design services, click here.