Funnel’s Privacy Policy states what data we collect from you, why we need it, and how we use it for our platform and internal database. As a consumer of our services, you are entitled to know the who, what, and where behind your information. This Policy only applies to the data we receive directly from our members which excludes all information provided to us in-person, by phone, email, or mail. All members must agree to this Policy prior to subscribing to either of our packages. If one does not agree with our Policy, one must decline the use of our services.


The Data We Collect

Data is collected by Funnel through multiple avenues – it is provided to us at your direct discretion, via third parties permitted to send your information to us, and through digital means such as web browsers and application usage.

Instances Where Your Data is Retrieved:

  • Funnel Membership Signup
  • Funnel Subscription Purchase
  • Funnel Profile Creation
  • Funnel Email Enrollment
  • Funnel Contact Form Completion
  • Funnel User Communication
  • Funnel Customer Support Inquiries

The data you provide Funnel is likely to involve your name, birthdate, business/ home mailing address and phone number, email address, demographic details, portfolio items and files, and payment information for specific purchases. Funnel is also prone to collect any information you share with and send to other users on the platform such as quotes, offers, estimates, service descriptions, and professional background information.


How We Use Your Data

  • For authorization purposes to enable you to use our services per our terms of service
  • To connect you with customer support
  • To process payment methods and billing cycles
  • To improve our services based on your user experience
  • To connect with you as a consumer through promotional advertisements
  • For fraudulent activity monitorization and legality enforcement when necessary