It’s your gateway to showcasing your work and services to the audience you deserve. Tailored specifically for creative professionals such as photographers, videographers, and graphic designers, it’s a dynamic and cost-free tool designed to empower freelancers across the United States.


What sets Funnel apart is its seamless portfolio design feature. When you sign up as a freelancer, simply input your details – from your name and location to your job description and samples of your work – and watch as Funnel crafts a stunning, interactive portfolio for you. All of this plus ways for potential clients to reach out directly to you…cutting out the middle man!

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But here’s the real gem: while your portfolio serves as a tool for engaging potential clients, Funnel goes the extra mile to actively expand your reach to new ones too. Leveraging our comprehensive marketing efforts — from organic social media engagement to precision-targeted ads and strategic email campaigns — we ensure your Funnel portfolio garners the attention it deserves, cultivating connections with fresh clients and opportunities unlike any other platform.

Here at Funnel, we see your true worth. That’s why when you use our platform to gain business and fuel your growth, we’re all about letting you keep every cent you earn. You read that right – with Funnel, you keep 100% of the cut. Because your success is our priority, and we’re here to ensure you thrive every step of the way.

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