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Photographer, Videographer, Graphic Designer


Born and bred in the Bronx, Alexis Rosario is a Brazilian-Puerto Rican fashion and portrait photographer that specializes in analog photography. Alexis creates work that encompasses the essence of her subjects, through human connection and granting those a voice in hopes of feeling seen and heard.

Alexis is on a lifelong mission to inspire, empower, and uplift people and create a lasting legacy for the up-and-coming generation of creative minds. While she has been immersed in the realm of fashion and portrait photography for the past 5 years, her passion for art spans a lifetime. Alexis has been featured in a variety of magazines such as GEZNO Magazine, PENIDA Magazine, 6X Magazine, Vigour Magazine, Mob Journal, Malvie Magazine, Shuba Magazine and Photo Vogue. Some of her past clients include Flight Club, The Real Real, and Gabriel Held Vintage.

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Fashion, Portrait, Product / Ecommerce


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Graphic Designer

Marketing Advertising

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Graphic Design: New Jersey, New York

Photography: New Jersey, New York

Videography: New Jersey, New York

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