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We strive to capture story in our photography and cinematography. That could be the story of two lovers on their wedding day, or it could be an idea. All of our imagery tries to capture the true beauty of our subject. We keep the following ideologies at the basis of all of our decisions.

-All the work we do should be done with the highest quality we can manage, no matter the size of the job.
-Everyone we come in contact with should be treated with fairness and respect.
-Every business transaction should be on the level.
-All are welcome.
-Love is Love.

Tim is a passionate photographer, writer, and filmmaker with over a decade of professional photography experience. Both as a video production coordinator and cinematographer at Southern NH University and as a photographer with Marisa Lynne Photography, he has photographed and filmed hundreds of events. He is proficient in photography, cinematography, photo editing, video editing, sound editing, and color grading.

Tim’s style focuses on how light interacts with shapes and textures, and how these elements help tell story. He shoots almost exclusively with prime lenses and likes to keep things creative and free of prescriptive techniques, but is happy to grab those “must have” shots that clients love. His cinematic and photographic inspirations are Akira Kurosawa, Stanly Kubrick, Sir Roger Deacons, Dorothea Lange, and old school Hollywood.

Outside of his creative work and spending time with his wife and two dogs, Tim also enjoys history, traveling, war-gaming, and the diorama and miniature painting hobby.

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Brand Collaboration, Drone Operations, Event, Fashion, Landscape, Portrait, Product / Ecommerce, Street, Wedding


Corporate, Drone Operations, Event, Marketing, Product Videos, Promotional

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