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Photographer, Graphic Designer


Scott’s work has been recognized and celebrated in various publications and exhibitions. His images have resonated with audiences, creating powerful emotions and sparking conversations. Through his photography, he aspires to not only create visually captivating imagery but also evoke a sense of curiosity, introspection, and empathy in those who experience his work. FlicksByScott is more than just a photography venture it is a testament to Scott’s dedication to his craft and his genuine passion for capturing moments that transcend time. With each click of the shutter, he strives to create images that leave a lasting impression, inviting viewers to explore the beauty and depth of the world around them.

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Brand Collaboration, Event, Fashion, Portrait, Product / Ecommerce, Sports, Street, Wedding

Graphic Designer

Art/Illustration, Magazine, Marketing Advertising, Web

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Locations Served

Graphic Design: New York, Pennsylvania

Photography: New York, Pennsylvania

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