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As an all-around creative for the past 20+ years in NYC, much of Rich’s career has evolved around three basic principles thinking, writing and creating. And while that’s an oversimplification, it typically serves as the foundation of everything he touches.

Typically, that starts with a top down view of conceptual development through all the moving parts of strategy, creative, production and media and across a range of disciplines that spans brand identity, campaign integration, copywriting, design, film direction and narrative storytelling.

Having served the entertainment, travel, hospitality, sports, tech and retail verticals on both in-house and independently, Rich has been lucky enough to put his stamp on work for global brands like Nike, Adidas, Showtime, A&E Network, Quiksliver, The New York Yankees, AARP, HPE and Loews Hotels.

On any given job, his contribution comes in different forms…sometimes it’s a perspective or an approach, other times it’s simply a thought or a word. But 9 out of 10 times, it usually includes giving the client that in which they came for, the answer.

After all this time making stuff for clients big and small, he’s come to realize one thing that the idea is king. And contrary to popular belief, good ones don’t just come from anywhere. Lest we forget the Shake Weight? Rest assured, he occasionally digs down into his big box of bad ideas and finds a good one.

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Graphic Designer

Art/Illustration, Logo Design, Marketing Advertising, Web

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