Antjuan LaShawn

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Photographer, Graphic Designer


Antjuan is not just a marketer he is a maestro of visual symphonies and a curator of brand identities. With over twenty years painting the digital landscape, his work in brand development and digital marketing transcends traditional boundaries, blending strategy with artistry. His talents stretch from sculpting robust identities for global campaigns to nurturing the delicate nuances of local businesses, each project a canvas on which he leaves his distinctive mark.

His portfolio is a mosaic of influence and innovation, capturing pivotal roles in grand civic narratives with the NAACP and infusing storied charm into beloved local establishments. Antjuan’s work reverberates with the soul of each brand, his commitment to authenticity allowing each story to resonate deeply with its audience.

Beyond the confines of the corporate world, Antjuan lives as a true renaissance man. His thirst for global exploration and cultural experiences informs his creative philosophy. He delights in the world’s myriad expressions—its flavors, rhythms, and journeys—each adventure weaving new threads into his expansive tapestry of inspiration. His past accolades as the Skate Deck Roller Disco Champion of Compton, Texas, add an intriguing layer to his persona, illustrating a life led with zest and a flair for the unconventional.

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Brand Collaboration, Event, Fashion, Street

Graphic Designer

Art/Illustration, Logo Design, Magazine, Marketing Advertising, Web

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04/24/2024 Issac Roberts

Antjuan skillfully enhances online marketing, transforming businesses into industry leaders through customized strategies and unparalleled expertise.

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