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Photographer, Graphic Designer


Hi, I’m Kay! I’m a passionate photographer who loves to capture moments and create beautiful memories. I love experimenting with different techniques and exploring new ways of capturing the world around me. I’m always on the lookout for interesting places to explore and shoot, and nothing beats finding that perfect shot! I strive to create images that are unique and powerful, while also capturing the beauty of nature in all its forms. I’m passionate about capturing moments in time. From family sessions and portraits to special events like weddings and maternity, I love capturing the memories that will last a lifetime. I specialize in editing photos to make them look their best, so you can have the perfect pictures to commemorate your special moments. Whether it’s a portrait or a special moment, I strive to create images that will leave an impression and be cherished for a lifetime.

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Event, Landscape, Portrait, Sports, Street, Wedding

Graphic Designer

Art/Illustration, Logo Design, Marketing Advertising

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