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Photographer, Graphic Designer


The ability to express myself visually is an important tool in communicating who I am. I also like the idea of my visual thoughts inspiring conversation or deeper contemplation about absolutely anything. My heart smiles when I see a patron of an art gallery or show study the pieces in detail, my work or others. I take away from this scenario a feeling of a job well done by the artist, though by no means is this the only form of learning the impact art has on a person. Scratch your head a little and step inside of the artist’s head.

When I create I manifest ideas as I am working not knowing what the end result will be. Macrophotography is my favorite style to shoot. It gives me a broad range of content and subjects to play with when building pieces. Frequently a Macro shot is a beautiful abstract piece on its own. I have come to love capturing the less appreciated mundane or everyday sights we see. I see layers, colors, depth of field, never-ending possibilities in the smallest details.

Art is exceedingly subjective, two individuals may interpret a single piece on opposite ends of the spectrum. As I am a fan of layers and colors I will frequently add a touch of the vision inside my imagination to accomplish the end goal.

Project Rate


Project rate is based on the hourly rate. I am willing to negotiate depending on the scope of work.

Skill Set


Brand Collaboration, Event, Fashion, Landscape, Sports, Street

Graphic Designer

Art/Illustration, Book, Logo Design, Magazine, Marketing Advertising, Web

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