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Skill Set
Graphic Designer


Hey there potential clients!

My name is Ben, and Aerolith Arts is your one stop shop!

I am a working designer and composite artist who has extensive experience
with branding, packaging, layouts, formatting, text, logos, image work, and more!

I use my expertise with the Adobe software in the context of your needs, specifically.
Together we can produce directed and effective designs.

Check out some of the stuff I have been up to by looking at my links!

These programs are also my passion.

Editing and compositing images into strange art
is one of my oldest loves. Of fifteen years no less!

Check out my personal art portfolio at the bottom if you are interested in taking a peek.

We could make an excellent team. I have worked with some clients for years,
I am easy to get in touch with, have quick turn-arounds, and approach challenges
with a careful creativity. I would be so happy to give you a hand.

I am especially interested in developing more long term professional relationships.
What better way to connect than to make cool stuff with people right?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

– Ben

A ton of web materials, packaging and sports equipment designs I made

Some logos, image, and branding work

Some of my personal art

Project Rate


I charge $60 for the high fidelity stuff. Quick image edits are much cheaper.

Skill Set

Graphic Designer

Art/Illustration, Book, Logo Design, Marketing Advertising

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